Beauty, Down to a Science.

At TruActivs, our only business is beauty. Our dedicated facilities and industry-renowned expertise give us insider access to premium ingredients—from the purest nature has to offer to the most advanced and cutting edge. Our performance-focused philosophy means we concentrate solely on creating superior products, using the optimal percentage of active ingredients for unrivaled results.

Our team of international chemists specializes in the science of caring for skin and hair from within—going beyond the surface to deliver carefully calibrated formulas that rebuild, rejuvenate, detoxify and stimulate at the cellular level.



TriToxin™ combines the powerful strength of bees, snails and snakes. Ethically extracted venom is purified and refined to harness anti-aging properties to fight wrinkles and smooth skin.

Multi-Defense SPF 50+ CC Cream

This daily tinted moisturizer protects against both UV-A and UV-B rays, while providing anti-aging benefits. Specially formulated with natural minerals for all skin tones, this CC cream provides a matte, sheer tinted finish.

Collagen Perfecting Serum

Marine and plant collagen improve skin’s suppleness while hyaluronic acid increases skin-cell renewal. Skin is visibly improved with a glowing, more youthful appearance.

Total Eye Repair Complex

TruActivs Advanced Eye Repair Complex is a concentrated remedy that focuses on dark circles, crow’s feet and sagging. Effective ingredients backed by clinical studies are proven to reduce signs of aging around the eyes.


Body Sculpting Control Cream

TruActivs Body Sculpting Control Cream targets stubborn cellulite and works to visibly smooth skin. This hydrating cream softens skin and visibly tones, firms and evens skin.

Stretch Mark Diminisher

Whether due to pregnancy, weight change, genetics, or age, the TruActivs Stretch Mark Diminisher targets stretch marks, helping reduce their appearance while boosting skin moisturization and suppleness.

Dynamic Lifting Cream

This unique cream targets delicate skin to restore its softness, firmness and a youthful appearance. TruActivs Dynamic Lifting Cream works to improve skin elasticity of the neck and décolleté.

Bust Defining Cream

Natural plant extracts and clinically proven ingredients work to enhance the appearance of breasts for a firmer, more toned and lifted look. Estrogen-free and hormone-free formula is safe and effective.

IntensiVein Varicose Cream

IntensiVein is a topical cream to help diminish the appearance of varicose veins and spider veins by helping improve circulation. Ingredients work harmoniously to protect skin’s delicate collagen network and boost moisturization.


Total Body Spot Eraser

The Total Body Spot Eraser is a concentrated formula that penetrates deep into the dermis to deliver impressive results. Ingredients work through exclusive pathways, helping fade the appearance of age spots, scars, and other dark spots.

Dark Spot Corrector

The Dark Spot Treatment supports a healthy cell turnover, helping fade the appearance of dark spots and scars. This remarkable formula features an exclusive ingredient–AMR2389–that creates a cutting edge delivery system to the skin.

Illuminating Vitamin-C Serum

Restore skin’s natural, youthful glow with Illuminating Vitamin C Serum. A rich combination of ingredients protects against free-radical damage and harmful environmental factors.


Full Restoration Shampoo

Full Restoration Shampoo by TruActivs works to stimulate the hair follicles, providing rich nutrients and vitamins necessary for growth. This sulfate-free shampoo is safe for all hair types, including damaged, colored and heat-treated hair.

Full Restoration Conditioner

This nutrient-rich conditioner helps restore moisture and strengthen the roots, decreasing hair loss. Full Restoration Conditioner seals strands to lock in moisture, for weightless bounce and greater manageability.

Densifying Spray

Helps restore the appearance of hair loss and thinning, including the effects of alopecia. Award winning Redensyl® shows a visible increase of hair follicle length of +214% and in the anagen (growth) phase of hair. Hair is left feeling softer, thicker, silkier, and looking healthier after only two weeks.


Brow Enhancing Gel

TruActivs Brow Enhancing Gel is clinically proven to stimulate brow hair growth and increase overall length and density while also reducing hair loss. The result is thicker, fuller, healthier brows.

Luminous Lash Serum

TruActivs Luminous Lash Serum is a nutrient-rich complex of gentle yet effective ingredients clinically proven to increase follicle length. Lashes appear longer and more defined after just 14 days.

Collagen Lip Fix

The Collagen Lip Fix is an active blend of peptides that stimulates collagen production and is clinically proven to increase lip volume, softness and hydration.