Redensyl® has been hailed as the hair growth galvanizer

Redensyl® revitalizes hair stem cells to generate a new growth phase of all the hair. In other words, it acts as a molecular “switch” to turn on hair growth.

Inspired from regenerative medicine

Resulting after 3 years of fundamental research, Redensyl® is a unique ingredient with two exclusive patented molecules that have undergone 3 years of extensive fundamental research.

Hair Transplant comparison

  • Average: one hair transplantation session is 8,064 new hairs. Up to three hair graft sessions are required to get to the appropriate density, however most patients undergo a single transplantation due to financial reasons
  • Average cost of one hair transplantation surgery in 2012: $6,200
  • Redensyl® gives an average of 10,000 new hairs in less than three months with up to 28,200


1.  The scalp is soothed to prepare the action of other molecules

2.  Stem cells are woken up and migrate down to create a new matrix

3.  Hair cells are boosted and prepared to produce a new hair

4.  Zinc and Glycine nourish the matrix and favor a faster hair growth



2014 winner for in-cosmetics® Innovation Zone Best Ingredient Award

Growth Results

  • Increases hair growth by +214% compared to untreated

  • Drastic visible results were seen after 84 days

  • 10.8% increase of new anagen hair

  • Provides two times better results than Minoxidil

Alopecic Clinical Results at Day 84

  • +9% of anagen hair (hair growth phase)
  • -17% of telogen hair (hair sleeping phase, lose hair)
  • +29% of improvement in anagen/telogen ratio
  • +8% increase in hair density
  • +10,000 to +28,200 new hairs

Redensyl® has an effective delivery method to soothe the scalp, awaken hair stem cells, and nourish the scalp to provide the most favorable environment for hair growth

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