significantly reduces body contours in both men and women by decreasing the thickness of subcutaneous adipose tissue

Burns stored fat and achieves centimetric reduction


  • Lipout activates browning and thermogenesis processes for body fat reducing and cellulite erasing effects
  • Increases ß-oxidation of fatty acids thanks to the activation of thermogenesis, literally burning the accumulated fat

Clinical Results after Day 56

  • Up to 5.7cm and 5.5cm reduction in thigh and hip perimeter
  • Up to 5.0cm reduction of abdomen perimeter in women and up to 10.4cm in men
  • Reduced the length of the dermis-hypodermis junction by 21.7%
  • Increased skin elasticity by 24.8% in the upper layers and 19.3% in the deeper layers
  • Increased the firmness of the skin, both in the upper (25.5%) and deeper (28.9%) layers of the skin for all the body areas evaluated

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